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It is my immense pleasure and honor to be a member of Shri Sai Academy . On behalf of Shri Sai family, I welcome all the children and parents joining our school.  Shri Sai Academy is dedicated to enlighten children in all disciplines and sculpt them into great personalities of the world. The focus of our school is academic excellence in a safe and comfortable environment. Shri Sai realizes the importance to instill in children the ability to learn, inquire, think, understand, innovate, and adapt to challenges with modern pedagogy and grounded philosophy. Shri Sai management had the foresight of this scene and started this school to work with the young minds and gift them with a vision to enable them to bloom into wonderful human beings.

Shri Sai Academy aims to develop our children to become Inquirers and thinkers so that they become knowledgeable and caring adults with balanced personalities. With their strong principles and open-minded approach, will reflect on the issues that concern the welfare of mankind and communicate their ideas and innovative solution as truly global citizens of tomorrow, prepared to take new challenges in their stride.
These are the attributes we are developing in our whole community to help create a better and more peaceful world through inter-cultural understanding and respect. Our school is a community of learners, made up of excellent and dedicated staff of caring professionals, active and involved parents, supportive community and an excellent infrastructure, in which the children are encouraged to achieve academic and social success, to enjoy learning, to celebrate diversity, to develop analytical skills, and to model exemplary behavior. We empower our students to take responsibility for their own learning. They are active participants, and every child has a responsibility not just to perform a task, but to do it to the best of her/his ability. We are committed to working together towards the success of our children.
Education, today, has gone through a paradigm shift. The influence of mass media, the tremendous flow of information and above all the changing attitudes of people are all posing a significant challenge to the educational institutions. Our goal remains to work effectively in this changing climate, maintaining the quality of education, instilling the basic moral sense of life. The best education in the world is the one that contributes in the growth and development of the activities which makes the world a better place to live.
We are looking forward to working with you in establishing and achieving your goals of success. A strong partnership between home and school, with an open and honest line of communication, will help facilitate meeting the needs of each student as well as promoting the positive development of the individual learner.  Your child's route to Education can begin at Shri Sai Academy. I am sure with the support of our team members and parents, we will be able to envisage Shri Sai Academy’s dream into a reality. 
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