Activity-based teaching is the basis of the academic methodology at L.T.R. International School. The learning milieu is fostered by an approach to draw a link with real life and to provide practical experience. The focus of learning outcomes is to promote understanding of concepts and is skill-based. The activity-based method, therefore, weaves into its fold, ample scope for projects, experiments and 'handson work' that develops the faculties of reasoning and application. Extensive use is made of audio-visual techniques, computer-aided learning, visual aids, charts, models, games, role plays, theatre, art, LCD's, OHP's, worksheets etc. to stimulate the learning process and make it more significant.

The curriculum is imparted using lateral thinking strategies, where the child discovers the joy of learning and realizes his/her own potential. This also facilitates a more comprehensive and holistic evaluation of the child. Rote learning, thus, has no place in the L.T.R. International School classroom and students are encouraged to use of variety of sources such as the Internet and Encyclopedias to enrich their knowledge.
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